Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages
Squeeze Pages

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BubTown Studios is the Guru of responsive marketing web pages, and Squeeze Pages are one of our specialties! We’ll work with you to develop visually engaging pages that lead to more customer conversions!

What is a Squeeze Page? These web pages, which are also called “Lead Gens”, are lead generation landing pages that are used to capture data, like a name or an email address. The purpose of the Squeeze Page is connect with prospective customers and generate a marketing list to be used to promote your products and services.

Typically, visitors arrive at and respond to a Squeeze Page because of the promise of some incentive. These incentives include:

  • Free Ebook or Report
  • Webinar registration
  • Consultation for professional services
  • Contest entry
  • Free Trial
  • Free gift
  • Notification of future product launch


Ask us Today about how BubTown Studios can design the best responsive Squeeze Pages to meet your needs!